80 + Stunning Hairstyles for Curly Hair That You Will Fall In Love With

There is no doubt about it – curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse. Those born with naturally straight locks will never fully appreciate the time and effort needed to maintain perfect, bouncy curls! Then again, the struggle is very much worth it, as very few other hair types are as versatile and beautiful. You can style curly hair in a myriad of gorgeous ways, or experiment with various stunning cuts. If you’re not sure where to get started – we’ve got your back! In this article, we have compiled a list of 80 + amazing hairstyles for curly hair that you will absolutely love!

Hairstyles for curly hair – beautiful bouncy locks

Before we get started, here are some useful curly hair care tips that will make your life much easier!

  1. Avoid combing and brushing your hair. That’s right – it might sound strange, but brushing and combing can actually lead to frizzy, unruly curls!
  2. Opt for high quality hair care products, such as specialized shampoos and conditioners.
  3. Ditch the dryer – whenever possible, let your hair dry naturally. Hairdryers can be an absolute nightmare for curly hair, leading to overheating and permanent damage.
  4. Don’t over-wash it! We get it – everyone loves that fresh hair feeling, but when you have curls, it’s best to wash them only once every three days. This will ensure that your tresses stay beautiful and healthy. There are exceptions, however. Fr example, if you lead a very active lifestyle, you can wash your curly hair every other day.
  5. Use nourishing products. It can be a bit confusing at times, as the market seems to be swamped with thousands of different oils, butters and mousses. Our advice is to experiment and try different products, until you find one that’s right for you!
  6. Love and appreciate your curly hair! Yes we know – it can be frustrating (not to mention time consuming!) to style your curls. There are bad hair days and tons of money spent on grooming products. But in the end of the day, curly hair is uniquely beautiful, and all of your efforts and care will be so worth it!

For more hair care and styling tips, check out our fashion section.

How gorgeous are these luxurious, natural curls?

hairstyles for curly hair, laughing woman with green eyes, and pale green eye make up, wearing a white sleeveless top, light chestnut shoulder length curls

We love this stunning faux mohawk

mohawk-like black hair, styled from afro curls, and worn by young woman, with light blue eye make up, black one shoulder top, and large triangular earnings, hairstyles for curly hair

Thinking of a new haircut?

funny thinking face, made by woman, wearing a white tank top, hairstyles for curly hair, medium long brunette curls, with side part, and dark blonde highlights

Check out our favorite curly hair hacks video:

Jennifer Lopez dazzles with her perfect, sun-kissed curls

j-lo wearing a sparkly black top, with glossy nude beige lipstick, and smoky eye make up, hairstyles for curly hair, shoulder length brunette do, with blonde highlights

A great short style for ladies who are not naturally curly

hairstyles for short curly hair, close up of a woman, with a red curly bob and side part, wearing glossy pink lipstick, and purple nail polish

Bad hair day? No problem! These nifty tips will show you how to handle it:

Well-styled curls and a big smile – the only accessories you’ll need!slim young woman, with bare shoulders, wearing glossy pink lipstick, curly shoulder-length hair, brunette and glossy, hairstyles for curly hair, pale eye make up

Wind-swept and wild…

lace one-shouldered dress in beige, worn by woman with smokey eye make up, and brownish glossy lipstick, windswept ash blonde hair, hairstyles for short curly hair

… or smooth and neat?

straw blonde voluminous and curly hair, with slightly darker tips, hairstyles for curly hair, worn by young woman, with glossy pink lipstick, and purple eye shadow

Ten super easy curly hairstyles you can try right now!

Shakira rocking her trade mark curls

haircuts for curly hair, shakira seen in close up, with glossy beige lipstick, and discrete make up, long and voluminous, messy and feathery blonde hair, with darker roots

dark brunette voluminous curly hair, shoulder length with bangs, hairstyles for short curly hair, on slim young woman, with dark eyes, discrete make up and white top

The charming Thandie Newton with her beautiful brunette curls

thandie newton smiling, in a nude pink strappy top, wearing discrete make up, hairstyles for short curly hair, shoulder length brunette curls

short curly bob, in light brunette, with side part, worn by smiling, dark-eyed woman, with glossy wine red lipstick, dressed in a white shirt

strawberry blonde woman, with medium long hair, curly with side part, wearing a white strappy top, and black eyeliner, haircuts for curly hair

Hairstyles for curly hair – glossy and beautiful wavy locks

auburn or brown hair, long and curly, with side part, haircuts for curly hair, worn by young woman, dressed in a pale cream jumper

shaggy shoulder-length, dark brunette hair with curly bangs, hairstyles for short curly hair, worn by woman with black eye make up, seen in a black and white image

beige knitted top, on woman with closed eyes, wearing glossy pink lipstick, side parted and curled blonde hair, hairstyles for short curly hair

Selena Gomez with a lovely shoulder-length style and curly side bangs

singer selena gomez, with shoulder length dark brunette hair, and curly side bangs, hairstyles for curly hair, wearing a white strappy top

green-eyed blonde woman, with shoulder length hair, and dark blonde tips, haircuts for curly hair, wearing a black tank top

bustier strapless top in black, worn by thandie newton, smiling with discrete make up, voluminous curly dark brunette hair, in short curly bob

Natural means beautiful

messy and voluminous, light brunette curly hair, with darker roots, highlights and curly bangs, worn by girl in black tank top, haircuts for curly hair, blue eyes and discrete make up

serious-looking young woman, with long ginger or copper red hair, haircuts for curly hair, small dense curls, and middle part

actress lily collins, wearing a fancy, black sequined dress, with ribbon detail, messy shoulder-length hair, hairstyles for short curly hair, with curly bangs

Style sisters: Shakira and Beyonce

cute easy hairstyles, shakira and beyonce, dressed in a black tank top, with a skull and bones, and a silky yellow blouse, and wearing similar, blonde curly hairstyles

four different cute easy hairstyles, for curly and wavy hair, natural afro with highlights, platinum blonde ringlets, retro curls and long beach waves

examples of short and long, wavy and curly, cute easy hairstyles, woman with auburn bob, and side bangs covering her face, two brunettes with long, curly hair and middle part

Zendaya goes ultra curly!

t-shirt in white, with pink and yellow print, worn by zendaya, chocolate browncurly hair with bangs, small natural ringlet curls

three women with different kinds of curly hair, ash blonde ringlets, caramel curly top pony tail, cute easy hairstyles, dark brunette long bob, with curly bangs

side-swept long brunette curly hair, with blonde highlights, worn by young woman in black jumper, cute easy hairstyles, soft wavy and glamorous, chestnut brown hair

Three gorgeous style suggestions for natural afro hair

styling suggestions for natural afro hair, three different dos, cute easy hairstyles, curly top ponytail, and original afro, dark brunette ringlets with highlights

leather-like glossy red dress, worn by charlize theron, blonde short curly bob, with middle part, nude pink lipstick, and subtle eye make up

caramel and black, two tone short curly hair, worn by black woman, in a white halter neck top, burgundy red short curly bob, worn by young black woman, in black strappy top

Celebs rocking curly and wavy hair

celebrities with curly hair, cute easy hairstyles, long brunette curls, worn with a pink flower crown, hollywood style waves, classic retro bob, elaborate brunette bun

long curly hairstyles, beyonce smiling in a strapless, grey and blue top, with long curly hair, in blonde and light brunette hues

six images in a collage, showing different curly haircuts, messy curls with side bangs, smooth blonde curls with middle part, ringlets in different colors

What do you think about these retro inspired hairstyles?

retro-style chocolate brown long bob, with middle part, and light blonde, messy short curly bob, with curly bangs, worn by two women

curly haircuts, two young women, with messy brunette, shoulder length hair, one is wearing a light blue shirt, and the other a striped blouse

Simply gorgeous

close up of a young woman, with black eyes, and dark violet lipstick, voluminous dark brunette hair, in small tight curls, hiding half of her face

naturally curly hair, in dark brunette, with dark blonde highlights, seen from three different angles, on smiling woman, with orange strappy top

voluminous afro in blonde, with darker roots, curly haircuts, worn by smiling young woman, with pale pink lipstick, red jumper and black leather jacket

Curls look great on fine or mature hair

balayage on shoulder-length curly hair, blonde with light brunette tips, curly haircuts, worn by smiling mature woman, in a black top

heavily made up woman, with dark roots and side-parted, strawberry blonde hair, curly haircuts, young woman with glasses, wearing a fuchsia pink halter neck top, and platinum shoulder length hair, with dark roots

two girls with dark brunette, voluminous and curly hair, with deep side part, curly haircuts, one is wearing a black t-shirt, and the other a pink hoodie

So many cool styles to try!

brunette and blonde curly haircuts, afro and natural curls, loose waves with side part, and flower decorations, worn by four different women

rihanna wearing dyed blonde, curly hair with bangs, and dark brunette roots, next image shows pale, brunette woman with a similar do

brick red blouse, and blue jumper, worn by two women, with dark brunette and red, naturally curly hair, in small ringlets

We simply adore this 1920’s inspired bob

1920's style brunette, short curly bob, with deep side part, worn by young woman, with bright red lipstick, black eye liner and fake lashes, wearing a striped shirt

zendaya in a red and pink, sparkly bejeweled jacket, with brunette curly hair with bangs, young woman with short and curly hair, and shaggy bangs

discrete make up, and a black tank top, worn by young naturally curly woman, with side parted brunette hair, swept over to one side

Textured pixie – the perfect short hairstyle for ladies with curls

pixie cut with layers and side bangs, in auburn brown, worn by smiling young woman, with neon pink lipstick, and black mascara

happy looking naturally curly woman, with medium length, dirty blonde hair, and bangs swept to one side, wearing a white blazer, and patterned top

grayscale image of a young woman in profile, with shoulder length, naturally curly hair, next image shows woman, with long dark brunette curly hair, swept to one side

Hollywood glam waves or boho chic curls?

fuchsia pink lipstick, worn by blue-eyed woman, with brunette curly hair, and blonde highlights, collage of six images, with different styles for curly hair

black short curly bob, with side part, worn by smiling woman, in striped top, messy layered and textured brunette bob, with side bangs, worn by blue-eyed woman

fuchsia pink lipstick, worn by smiling, naturally curly woman, with dark brunette ringlets, and deep side part, dressed in white, boat neck jumper

Side-swept hair with a playful braid detail

swept over naturally curly hair, with small braid behind the ear, dark brunette roots, and blond shaft and tips, smiling woman in black top

coffee au lait colored curly hair, with caramel highlights, worn in a bob, by woman dressed in a yellow tank top, and grey jumper

brick wall in white, behind a blonde woman, with shoulder length ombre curls, dressed in a black tank top, with black leggings, and a beige jumper tied round her waist

Alyson Hannigan with a perfect curly bob

jazz age inspired curly hairdos, short ginger bob with side part, worn by alyson hannigan, and blonde tousled bob, worn by young woman

honey blonde hair, curly with middle part, worn by michelle pfeiffer, in a black asymmetric top, short haircuts for curly hair, subtle minimalistic make up

hot pink lipstick, and white teeth, worn by young woman, with dark brunette curly hair, long curly hairstyles, with caramel highlights

Hairstyles for curly hair – a refreshing, natural look

laughing young woman, wearing a pale grey jumper, with black and purple floral print, long curly hairstyles, dark brunette with blonde highlights

styling afro hair, nine images showing different hairdos, made from natural black hair, topknots and buns, curly hair with bangs

tartan shirt in red, worn by brunette girl, messy curly hair with bangs, and subtle reddish highlights, next image shows reddish brown hair, with side bangs

How cute are these short hairstyles?

very short curly hair with bangs, worn by woman in black turtleneck top, with subtle make up, and one eye hidden by a long strand of hair, smiling young woman, with short wavy black hair

cream-colored long-sleeved jumper, worn by smiling woman, with brown eye make up, and pale pink lipstick, brunette with honey blonde highlights, long curly hairstyles

soft curly dark brunette hair, styled and twisted backwards, short haircuts for curly hair, worn by woman in profile, wearing pale turquoise top

Eight excellent ideas for gorgeous afro hair

young black woman, trying out eight different hairstyles, for afro hair, high and low buns and pigtails, top knots and half knots

wide smile on the face of a young girl, wearing a pale blue shirt, brunette hair with deep side part, short haircuts for curly hair, ringlets with dark blonde highlights

tank top in red, combined with a chunky, woven tribal necklace in brown, worn by shakira, with curly light blonde hair, and dark roots

Beautiful long hair with subtle highlights

highlights in light blonde, on brunette hair, long curly hairstyles, seen from the back, girl in black jumper, and blue jeans

braids and a top knot, natural afro and smooth, straightened long hair, four suggestions for styling afro hair, brunette and black

big and voluminous copper red hair, with small ringlets, and deep side part, curly hair with bangs, worn by smiling young woman, in black t-shirt

Even more celebs with curls!

sarah jessica parker, shakira and alicia keys, all with curly hair, styled in different ways, messy curls and a bob, shoulder length curly hair with side part

velvet sleeveless dress, in dark navy blue, worn by woman with brunette hair, and dark blonde highlights, short haircuts for curly hair, dark grey background

strappy white top, with greyscale print of albert einstein, worn by charlize theron, with messy blonde bob, short haircuts for curly hair, a strand falling on her forehead

Gorgeous long curs with a touch of blonde ombre 

choker necklaces in black, and a black strappy top, worn by young woman, with bright red lipstick, and very long ombre hair, long curly hairstyles, large hoop earring

silky and shiny green top, worn by blonde woman, with green eyes, wearing black eyeliner, and pale pink lipstick, long curly hairstyles, with highlights and side part

sweater made from fluffy, cream colored fabric, worn by young woman, with blue eyes, and brunette hair, with side bangs, short haircuts for curly hair

Audrey Tautou with a cute textured pixie cut

short haircuts for curly hair, audrey tautou smiling with a wavy, dark brunette pixie cut, seen in close up, with discrete make up

lipstick in purple, and bold black eyeliner, worn by woman with voluminous, curly afro hair, in a purple hue, white halter neck top

pigtails or buns, made from brown afro hair, long blonde ringlets with highlights, natural black afro, and a curly top knot, worn by four different women


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