80 + Amazing Ideas for Fluffy Slime, Including a Special Fluffy Slime Recipe

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few months, you have probably noticed that slime is an absolute hit with adults and kids alike. And no wonder! This gooey mush is not only tons of fun to play with, but doubles as an effective stress reliever. While you can easily buy it in numerous varieties, colors and consistencies, both in toy shops and online stores, it is a lot more entertaining to make it yourself! And to prove how fun and easy it is, we have decided to devote today’s article on making and appreciating slime. Scroll bellow, and you will find our very special fluffy slime recipe. It will help you make extra soft and bouncy goo, and can be achieved both with and without using borax. Also included are 85 amazing slime varieties, that you can easily recreate at home. And if you’re looking for more fun projects, check out our DIY section!

Now, let’s get started!

You can recreate this beautiful, stretchy rainbow, with our fluffy slime recipe

Anyone who’s tried it can confirm – playing with slime is tons of fun!

pale pastel pink goo, soft and foamy, shaped into a round, and twisted form, and placed on a light surface, how to make fluffy slime

This video offers six cool and esasy tutorials

And now – on to our super special fluffy slime recipe!

fluffy slime recipe, two hands with hot pink nail polish, kneading a piece of multicolored goo, in pastel colors, minty green and pale purple, pink and blue

Super fluffy slime recipe (with borax)

What you’ll need:

How to make it:

  1. Pour one tablespoon of Borax into a cup of hot water and stir until dissolves. Once done, the mixture should look completely clear. Set it aside for later.
  2. Now, pour the glue into your mixing container, and add half a cup of cold water.
  3. Add four cups of shaving cream and 2 tablespoons of contact lens solution, and mix.
  4. If you like, you can add some food coloring at this stage.
  5. Pour 3 tablespoons of the borax solution (one at the time) and continue mixing.
  6. Stir until you have the right slime consistency.
  7. Enjoy playing with your fluffy slime!

If you’d like to make slime with your little ones, and are reluctant to use Borax, we have another great fluffy slime recipe you can try!

little boy stretching a piece of light blue goo, over a light wooden desk, clear glass bowl, spatula and ingredients nearby, fluffy slime recipe

Super fluffy slime recipe (without borax)

What you’ll need:

  • 8 oz of glue
  • Shaving cream
  • Liquid starch
  • Food coloring and/or in your preferred color(s)
  • Container and mixing tool

How to make it:

  1. Pour the glue into your mixing container
  2. Add a cup of shaving foam and stir thoroughly
  3. If you like, you can add some food colorant and/ or glitter
  4. Mix well
  5. Pour 1/4 cup of liquid starch and continue mixing until you get the right slime consistency
  6. Voila! Your slime is ready!

You can keep the slime white, or add any color of your choice!

mixing red and blue paint, in a clear glass bowl, with white compound, fluffy slime recipe, using a purple plastic spatula

This fluffy slime recipe is so easy, that it’s even suitable for very young children

toddler holding a clear glass bowl, half-filled with a light blue, gooey mixture and glitter, fluffy slime recipe, mixing ingredients with a spatula

Mixing thoroughly is the key!

using a plastic spatula in purple, with a wooden handle, to mix blue goop and glitter, fluffy slime recipe, inside a clear glass bowl

Adding glitter will make the process more fun!

gum-like pale blue mixture, with golden glitter, fluffy slime recipe, inside a clear glass bowl, with a purple plastic spatula

Bonus recipe – super stretchy green slime

little hand holding a pile of minty green goop, twisted into a knot-like shape, fluffy slime recipe, off-white background

Super stretchy green slime

What you’ll need:

  • Bottle of green glitter glue
  • Green sand for arts and crafts
  • 1/4 cup of liquid starch
  • Bowl or mixing container, and something to mix with

How to make it:

  1. Pour the entire bottle of green glitter glue into your mixing container.
  2. Add the green arts and crafts sand.
  3. Stir well
  4. Pour 1/4 cup of liquid starch bit by bit
  5. Continue stirring, until your slime has the right gum-like texture

We oped for green, but you can naturally use any other color you like

lumpy mix in a mossy gren color, how to make slime without borax, inside a narrow clear glass container, placed on a marble-like surface

The sand will make the texture of your slime really unique…

sugar-like green powder, inside a glass container, with a metal, silver colored spoon, fluffy slime recipe, marble patterned surface

…while the starch helps it all come together

slushy green compound, with milky liquid, and slimy lumps, how to make slime without borax, inside a glass container, with a metal spoon

The finished product should look something like this

foamy green goop, flattened on a white and light grey, marble patterned surface, how to make slime without borax, soft and fluffy mixture

Don’t forget – you can shaving cream for a softer, fluffier goo

kid pressing his or her hand, on a pile of soft, foamy and gooey substance, how to make slime without borax, placed on a glass surface

plastic clear bowl, containing dark purple goo, with light sparkling glitter, held by a child, how to make slime without borax, light blue painted wrought iron table

How cool is this galaxy slime?

tiny toddler's hands, kneading a piece of galaxy-colored goop, how to make slime without borax, blue and purple colors, decorated with silver stars

how to make slime with borax, blue and pink, galaxy-inspired goo, decorated with small silver stars, and fine glitter powder

Create a perfect rainbow, in the palms of your hands!

how to make slime without borax, two hands holding a stretchy, slimy and smooth goo, striped in different colors, blue and green, yellow and pink

semi-sheer bright blue goo, held and stretched, by a pair of adult's hands, pure white background, how to make slime without borax

pastel rainbow colored twisted goo, with turquoise and blue, yellow and green, pink and purple stripes, on a wooden surface, how to make slime with borax

Fluffy slime in a lovely teal color

twisted pile of turquoise goop, shiny and slimy, how to make fluffy slime, twisted and placed on a dark wooden surface

foamy multicolored twisted piece of goo, in soft pastel colors, how to make fluffy slime, pale yellow and green, baby blue and pink, with light purple

purple piece of goop, twisted into a roundish shape, how to make fluffy slime, placed on a colorful surface, with pastel colors, and cartoon drawings

Soft and mushy – how can you resist playing with it?

close up of twisted multicolored goo, soft and foamy, and striped in different pastel colors, how to make fluffy slime, pink and blue, yellow and green

fingers pressing on the edge, of a turquoise pile of goo, shiny and slimy, how to make slime with borax, placed on a white surface

light teal colored gob of goo, decorated with tiny white beads, how to make slime with borax, twisted and slimy diy toy

Clear slime is one of our favorites

transparent slimy goo, in a twisted pile, shaped into a roundish form, how to make slime with borax, on a smooth, and flat surface


bubblegum pink piece of twisted goo, soft and foamy, how to make fluffy slime, held by a pale hand, on a pure white background

poking holes into a pile slimy goop, in red and blue, purple and pink, decorated with fine glitter, how to make slime with borax, pure white surface

Glitter makes everything better!

shimmering goop in five different colors, turquoise and purple, green and yellow and pink, how to make slime with borax, spilling from a glass jug

playing with a pile of multicolored goo, two hands twisting its top part, how to make slime with borax, pink with green, yellow and blue streaks



elmer's glue slime, little child's hands, stretching a dark piece of goo, in dark blue and purple, decorated with glitter

We just love this cool golden slime

golden elmer's glue slime, smooth and shiny, two parts of it stretched upwards, inside a square clear plastic container

creamy violet elmer's glue slime, twisted and shaped into a roundish form, and decorated with pink, blue and silver glitter

several vials of glitter, in pink and purple, near a piece of purple and pink, elmer's glue slime, twisted into a braid-like shape

Slime is also a great way to teach toddlers about different textures

handprint of a child, left in a flattened piece of lumpy and soft, pale pink goo, how to make fluffy slime, marble surface in white, and pale grey

fluffy slime in dark purple, decorated with black sparkles, and shaped into a twisted round blob, on a light cream background

Absolutely dreamy!

glossy and smooth elmer's glue slime, in oily dark blue, violet and purple hues, covering two hands, which are stretching it

squeezing a piece of soft, pink and fluffy slime, in an adult's hand, desk with various art supplies, in the background

fine powdery glitter, decorating a twisted piece, of galaxy-inspired elmer's glue slime, in violet and purple, with blue streaks

Bubble gum or sticky slime?

stretching a piece of bubblegum pink, silky and sticky elmer's glue slime, partially stuck to a white smooth surface

boy playing with purple, glittery slime without borax, stretching it between his hands, blue and red top, baseball cap and glasses

plate in white, shaped like a square, containing soft fluffy slime, in pale blue and pastel pink, decorated with faux gems

Some more gorgeous rainbow-colored creations

rainbow colored slime without borax, semi-transparent and stretched between two hands, violet and blue, green and red, and yellow on a white background

slime without borax, two hands stretching a multicolored sticky goo, red and orange, yellow and green, blue and purple

oily blob of light blue goo, decorated with fine glitter, and placed on a pale turquoise surface, slime without borax

closed hand stretching some semi-transparent goo, or slime without borax, from a small bowl-like container, held by another hand

Gold and silver slime with plenty of glitter

four images showing silver, and gold slime without borax, separated and twisted together, in different shapes, metallic with added glitter

stone surface in spotty brown, containing a pile of twisted and soft, fluffy slime in very pale pink color, diy recipes for fun

wad of lumpy, bubblegum pink fluffy slime, placed on a pink surface, near a yellow plastic container, filled with pearl-like pink marbles

sparkly blue goo, or slime without borax, stretched by two pale hands, gum-like consistency, with pale blue glitter

How cool is this metallic effect?

metallic fluffy slime, in a shiny golden color, shaped into a knot-like, twisted round shape, placed on a pale beige surface

peach-colored or light coral pink, metallic fluffy slime, twisted into a roundish shape, and held by a tiny child's hand, on a pale gray background

Kids will love these slime creations, inspired from their favorite cartoons

beauty and the beast-themed slime without borax, plastic character figurine, in yellow and pink dress, with brown hair, standing on a pile of yellow goo, covered with iridescent glitter flakes

glue being poured, into a clear glass bowl, containing blue mixture, with silver glitter dust, slime recipe without borax

finding nemo-inspired, slime recipe without borax, blue sparkly goo, with fine silver glitter, decorated with several cartoon fish figurines

Snow-like slime for little “Frozen” fans

snow-like white fluffy slime, decorated with iridescent glitter, shimmering in pink and blue, white and gold, overflowing from a small, clear glass pot

slime recipe without borax, yellow glob of goo, placed on a smooth white surface, and decorated with two googly eye stickers, in black and white

water-like blue goo, decorated with glitter flakes in silver, light and dark blue, slime recipe without borax, with little plastic shell-decorations, in different colors

This pumpkin slime is perfect for Halloween!

pumpkin slime in orange, inside a small clear jar, with orange and white label, and a black and white ribbon, tied in a bow, slime recipe without borax, light wooden surface

pale hand stretching a piece of orange goo, with chewing gum consistency, slime recipe without borax, on white and gray blurry background

acid green slime, decorated with halloween themed plastic shapes, seeping out of three small black containers, shaped like cauldrons, placed on a black dish, containing small candy, shaped like bones

Make your own “Minions” slime pots!

denim-colored washi tape, a pair of scissors in white and orange, small clear glass jar, decorated with paper, googly eye stickers, materials for minion slime container

three minions made from yellow goo, stuck in small jars, slime recipe without borax, decorated with denim-colored washi tape, black paper cutouts, and googly eye stickers

extreme close up of pale turquoise slime, decorated with sequins, and small clear plastic shapes, looking like ice cubes

We wish we could get our hands on this amazing watermelon slime!

watermelon slime in red, with little black beads for the seeds, poured into a small glass jar, painted in green stripes, like a watermelon

dark gum-like slime, in violet and purple, covered in fine glittering dust, twisted into a strange shape, and placed on a pale beige surface

star shapes in metallic silver, poured over a gooey purple mixture, with pink adn silver glitter, inside a clear glass bowl

Glue, contact lens solution, shaving cream and a pinch of baking soda – all you need to make basic slime

bottles of glue, near a plastic measuring spoon, filled with white powder, a tiny orange bottle, and a clear glass measuring jug, elmer's glue slime

monster slime written in colorful letters, on the labels of three small jars, containing goo in different colors, one jar is turned on its side, with green goo, decorated with eye stickers and plastic fangs seeping out

several tiny plastic vampire fangs, in different light pastel colors, yellow and orange, pink and blue, placed on a light smooth surface, with marble pattern

eye stickers in black and white, and tiny plastic vampire fangs, in different pastel colors, decorating a pile of smooth, foamy green slime

One of the newest slime hits is clear slime decorated with stickers

clear slime decorated with many colorful stickers, shaped like different fruit, pouring out of a clear glass jar, placed on an upturned white plate

fruit stickers in the shapes of kiwi, apple and strawberry, orange and lime, watermelon and dragon fruit slices, and many others, decorating a tub of clear slime

beads made of white foam, decorating a unicorn-themed pile of slime, in milky purple, baby pink and light blue

One batch of slime = hours of fun!

holes poked into a glossy, smooth pile of light blue slime, placed on a dark surface, two tiny child's hands, covered in blue slime nearby

round white plate, containing a smooth, shiny bright blue pile of slime, decorated with two large googly eyes, in black and white

realistic digital drawing, of purple slime, seen in extreme close up, shiny and liquid-like, with creases and gloss

three fingers pressing on a round piece of slime, in several shades of blue, with a pearly sheen, three plastic orbs, containing more blue slime nearby

Fluffy, buttery sticky or stretchy – slime is fun in all of its forms!

pulled pink slime, covered in gold glitter, stretched between two hands, and seen in close up, on a white background

sticky slime in light teal, pulled from a white ceramic bowl, held by a person's hand, stretchy gum-like substance

overturned clear plastic container, spilling sparkly smooth slime, in teal and purple, blue and pink, three bottles of glitter, in different colors

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection!

a pair of hands, holding a stretchy piece of slime, in light blue and dark purple, seeping onto a wooden table, in light grey

the word pow, in a pink speech bubble, on top of two images of green slime, a twisted piece held in someone's hand, and a smooth pile, with a hand on top of it


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