6 Best Rings in Baldur’s Gate 3

Going through character creation and selecting your class is just the first step in creating your ultimate character in Baldur’s Gate 3. In order to truly embody your character and have all the skills you want, you need to arm yourself with the good equipment. This is where our selection of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 rings comes in.Backward Skip 10sPlay VideoForward Skip 10s

While the rings in Baldur’s Gate 3 may not offer major stat increases like armor or weapons, they make up for it by giving your characters spells that your class might not otherwise have . Want your Paladin to use a Necromancer spell? Well, a ring in BG3 can let you do that. You don’t have the spell to talk to animals? This is where a ring comes into play.

Below you’ll find our pick of the best Baldur’s Gate 3 rings that any class can benefit from, no matter the situation.

#1 Burnished Ring

The best ring in our opinion is the burnished ring. The Burnished Ring is a very rare ring in BG3 and has the Paralyzing Ray effect. Paralyzing Ray is a spell that, well, paralyzes your enemy. While paralyzed, your enemies cannot move or attack for one turn. This allows you to launch your most powerful attacks without your enemy dodging the attack.

Stun Ray has a range of 60 feet and can only be used once per turn. This is enough to make it extremely useful against difficult and powerful enemies.

#2 Absolute Punishment

Asolute’s Smite is an uncommon ring. The ring allows players to use the Searing Smite. This effect heats your weapon and your next attack deals 1d6 Fire damage while inflicting Burning Smite on the target. The effect causes your target to take 1d6 fire damage each turn until they succeed on a Constitution saving throw.

The effect lasts until a saving throw is successful. This means that casting this attack on almost any enemy that has a low constitution will cause them to take fire damage every turn. You can use it to deal free damage to all enemies you encounter in BG3 and make all your fights easier.

#3 Combat Regeneration Ring

Ring of Combat Regeneration is a rare ring in BG3 and a perfect choice for late game or if you are rescuing a weak party member you need to protect. The Combat Regeneration Ring is a healing item that only works during combat.

With the Combat Regeneration Ring equipped, the character with the ring will regenerate 1-4 HP each turn. The amount of HP replenished is up to chance, but it helps keep your party member healthy without having to waste a turn to heal. It can be used on tanks to make them stronger, or on support characters to keep them alive if they get caught in the crossfire.

#4 Calladuran Hands Fetish

Fetish of Calladuran Soothhands is a rare ring in BG3. The ring can be found in Grymforge. Head to the western part of the lower levels of Grymforge towards the two Duergar throwing bodies into the lake and ask permission to search the bodies. Here, use Sleight of Hand to steal the Fetish of Calladuran Soothhands ring.

The ring allows players to cast a level 2 invisibility spell on themselves that lasts 10 turns. While invisible, your character cannot be targeted and all attacks aimed at the invisible character will fail.

Invisibility is undoubtedly one of the most powerful spells in BG3, and the fact that you can use it through a ring without having to invest in a character makes Fetish of Calladuran Soothhands an extremely powerful ring.

#5 Ring Of Absolute Strength

Ring of Absolute Force is looted from Seargent Thrinn’s body after you defeat her, True Soul Nere, and the Duergar in the Underdark in Grymforge. The ring offers the Absolute’s Tempest effect. The effect is only activated when the character wearing the ring has the Mark of the Absolute.

If so, the character deals 1 additional Thunder damage each time he uses Thunderwave. Thunderwave itself is a powerful attack to both deal damage and knock back enemies and additional damage from Thunder takes your attack to the next level.

#6 Djinnis Ring

Djinni Ring is a rare ring in BG3, and it allows players to freely access the Mage’s Hand cantrip. The Mage Hand allows players to summon a hand that can be used to freely interact with physical objects.

The ring may seem useless or fighting, but in BG3 where almost everything is trapped or locked, the ability to summon a hand anywhere can allow players to interact with distant objects without putting themselves or their group in danger.

The mage hand can easily move light and medium objects, allowing players to bring distant objects closer to where you can get them and even solve some puzzles quickly.

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