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pubg lite hack


Is it possible to cheat in PUBG Lite?

Yes, it is possible to cheat in this game using mods, such as aimbots, improved aim assists, wallhacks to see enemies through walls, macros, and other cheating apps or modded game clients for Android and iOS alike. However, there are no hacks or online generator tools for unlimited BP / Battle Points, infinite UC, Crates, Items, God Mode ect. PUBG Lite is an online action multiplayer shooter and your savegame is stored on game servers belonging to Tencent Games that cannot be modded.

PUBG Lite Wallhack Mods

The use of a wall hack allows a player to see enemies, items, supply drops, cars and other important game items through walls, allowing them to loot more easily, find or avoid players and generally survive a lot longer, therefore earning more XP, rewards, Bp and loot crates. A wallhack on Lite will almost always come in the form of a modded APK or iOS mod, which means that the code of the game client has been modified to show you enemies and items by default. – However, as things are right now in 2018, there are not many programmers skilled enough just yet to create extrasensory perception cheats for Lite games just jet, which means that being able to download a PUBG Lite wallhack for free is a rare thing indeed. However, if you do get one, it will increase your survival in the game by a lot, since you will know where to loot that first assault rifle and are therefore more likely to survive the first minutes after landing on the map.

Overall, wallhacks are just about the most fun hack to use in PUBG Lite, since they do not make the game less fun or challenging, neither annoy other players, which means the chances of a ban are minimal to non-existent for the use of a wallhack. To find working mods for PUBG Lite use this method.

Aimbot Hacks for PUBG Lite

Auto aiming mods and apps are bots that will automatically aim and shoot for you if you hold down a button. While this may sound simple, it is one of the most sophisticated and powerful hacks available for PUBG Lite and also exceedingly rare to see. Most ‘aimbots’ for Android and iOS games will come in the form of increased aim assist. In this kind of an auto-aiming cheat, the games default aim assist has been modded to do a lot more of the aiming work for you and other mods will actually create their own aiming scripts, but those are still extremely rare on Lite devices at this point.

We generally recommend against the use of PUBG Lite aimbots, since the risk of getting banned is generally a lot higher than if you were using other hacks or mods. If you are going to use a PUBG Lite aimbot, please respect your fellow players and do not abuse it, as it will get you banned from the game and you will certainly deserve that fate. Tencent is not known for being lenient with identifiable cheaters.


pubg lite hack

PUBG Lite Mod Menu Features

The cheating methods mentioned above and others that may or may not be possible to use in PUBG Lite, such as speed hacks, teleporting, noclip, super jump, item spawning ect usually come in the form of a mod. A mod refers to a modified or modded game client in the form of an APK (Android) or IPA file (iOS). These files are usually downloaded and simply installed on your device. Advanced mods will require you to have a file explorer installed on your device to import some files. Mods will only work for the specific game build they were made for. If PUBG Lite gets an update or patch, then a new mod for the new version with the same hacks implemented has to be downloaded and installed on your device in order for cheats to keep working for you.

When downloading PUBG Lite Mods make sure you are downloading from trustworthy cheat providers. Use our fee finder to find free mods, hacks, and downloads for PUBG Lite. Do not fall for human verification scans, surveys, and fakes.

PUBG Lite Hack

The way these actual cheats are implemented into PUBG Lite is in the form of Mod Menus that are usually downloaded as a game file (APK mod or iOS mod) that comes with a menu that allows you to switch every single cheating option and every single scrip included in the PUBG Lite Hack on and off. Such a mod menu ma activate all kinds of cheating options ranging from claiming free crates for free skins, UC and other goodies to actual trainer options, such as aimbot, wallhack, ESP, noclip, spread, and other powerful cheating options.

Mod menus are the way most players prefer to use cheating tools in PUBG Lite, because they are easy to download, simple to use and may come with anything from scripts, simple mods to the best hacks available for PUBG Lite online. However, it does pay to be careful when using any of these apps, since Tencent Games are not known to deal nicely with cheaters and hackers in games they develop and publish. So be sure to create a 2nd account to test any hacks on before switching over to your primary PUBG Lite account and trying to script there.

Game Hacking Tools for PUBG Lite

Using simple game cheating tools on PUBG Lite is not recommended and even dangerous! Using apps like game guardian, lucky patcher, freedom apk and others can get you banned from the game. The only safe way to try and manipulate game memory is to use the stealth app installed by GameGuardian on Android, which is least likely to get detected.

However, since PUBG Lite is an online game, there is really no use in using tool apps to try and hack the game. Battle Points (BP), items, skins, crates, exp, vitality, and daily objectives cannot be hacked using any client-side tools. There are no cheats to get sniper rifles, such as the AWM, nor cheats to spawn AK or M4 assault rifles, as some have suggested. Cheating in PUBG Lite, the shooter, will have to be done through professionally created mods and most of them will not be available for free download in the long term.

Macros / Scripts

Macros and scripts, while not necessarily considered cheats, can help you set up automated taps, automated actions and faster reaction time. Scripts can be used to automatically go prone when shot at, automatically loot, strafe while doing actions, heal, use energy drinks, reload and a lot more. While scripts are currently very difficult to set up on Lite, the apps available for this purpose are improving quickly.

Another reliable way to set up scripts would be to use emulators with included script functionality as well. Some people also use scripts and bots to AFK farm PUBG Lite for Bp, dailies and crates, but we do not recommend that you try this, since it will be one of the first things that Tencent Games will ban people for, if they dig out the glorious ban hammer.

Unknown Cash (UC) and Battle Points (BP) Cheats and Generators

Again, any hack or tool that claims to allow you to get unlimited UC or BP in PUBG Lite is not real, is fake and a scam. Please, do not fall for these fake cheats floating out there on the internet and do no download any of them of complete any ‘human verification’. – PUBG Lite is an online shooter and all your skins, unlocks, your health, account data including money, bp, UC, XP and so on are all stored on the game servers and cannot be affected by any tools whatsoever. Please stay safe and realistic when looking for working cheats.

pubg lite hack


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