Palworld XP glitch guide: How to get 5 million XP every 10 minutes in update

 There is a new Palworld XP glitch that enables you to acquire an astronomical amount of Experience Points (XP) to level up quickly in the game. Unfortunately, the previous XP glitch we covered was fixed in one of the recent updates. However, this new glitch is functional in both solo and online game modes as of writing.

We will discuss everything you need to know about the latest Palworld XP glitch that will earn you upwards of 5 million XP every 10 minutes.

What is the Palworld XP glitch in version

This is the structure you will need to build for the XP glitch (Image via Pocket Pair Inc)
This is the structure you will need to build for the XP glitch (Image via Pocket Pair Inc)

This new Palworld XP glitch uses building structures to give you an unlimited supply of XP. You can exploit this bug to gain Experience Points by building a certain structure without actually constructing it in your base.

It is very nifty as you won’t be wasting resources, you can carry out the entire process quickly with minimal effort, and you spam-build to gain many points in no time.

How to do the new Palworld XP glitch in the latest version of the game

Doing the XP glitch in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair Inc)
Doing the XP glitch in Palworld (Image via Pocket Pair Inc)

You can take advantage of the XP glitch by following these steps:

  • You will have to unlock the stone structures in your account.
  • Once that is done, while you are in your base, press the Build button, scroll to the Foundations tab, and build three Stone Foundations. Make sure you build them individually, placing them next to each other.
  • After that, make three walls on the same side of the foundations. You can use any material for the walls.
  • Once the walls are built, pull up a Roof and construct it on the last wall. This is where you will be performing your Palworld XP glitch.
  • Then, you must take a stair and attach it to the roof.
  • After that, take a wall and hold it underneath the roof till it snaps to the center of the structure, as shown in the picture above. It can be a bit hard to find the snapping point, but once you get it, you can spam the build button to get an infinite amount of XP. It will not use any resources as you will get them back in a big pile under the roof. Keep a chest nearby to transfer the resources quickly into your base’s inventory.

Using this Palworld XP glitch, you can not only level up your character in the game but also your favorite Pals by adding them to your party.

This XP glitch is functional in the current version of the game. So, make sure to utilize it before Pocket Pair patches or removes it accidentally like they removed the Tower Boss glitch in a recent patch.

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