Helldivers 2: Tips and Tricks for achieving a triumphant victory 2024

 The quirky and patriotic universe of Helldivers II is also deadly. To help you take your first steps in this 4-player coop game, and to have a good time with your opinions, here is our getting started guide, with the lessons we learned after several hours of play.

Helldivers 2 is not a game with very complex mechanics per se, but the many tools at your disposal, and the way you use them allows you to achieve a completely different result.

The obligatory Helldivers 2 tutorial is pretty well designed, and you can do it again from the menu. So we're not going to cover the basic checks. Do not hesitate to redo it if necessary.

Helldiverse 2

Solo, cooperative and matchmaking

  • Let's start with the most obvious point, Helldivers 2 is not meant to be played solo. Although this is not completely impossible, especially for a very good player, you will inevitably block certain objectives. The game also heavily encourages increasing the difficulty to continue progressing.
Helldiverse 2

  • Helldivers 2 is much more fun with 4 players, preferably with friends, and in voice mode. But from what we could tell, simply joining a quick match is perfectly viable. The game has a high margin of tolerance in the area of ​​cooperation. Dying is no big deal, and simply staying in the same area as others while going from one objective to another is often enough. But ironically, even an individualist player who goes off to complete goals in his corner brings something to the team. In the event of death, he will be brought back to life near the group.
Helldiverse 2
  • If you don't have anyone to play with, just check out the planetary sphere in the center of your ship. Press the corresponding key to start searching for a quick game. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to find a group and end up in combat without waiting.
Helldiverse 2

Choice of equipment and stratagems

  • You don't have many options at the very beginning of the game, but this will quickly evolve during the first hours of play. By spending your medals, you can obtain new weapons, armor, grenades and power-ups. There aren't really any bad items, but they each correspond to a specific play style. The important thing is to have tools to handle different situations. This is where the schemes come into play.

Helldiverse 2
  • Stratagems are unlocked through your ship's interface, depending on War Credits. The list is vast and varied, but here are some of the best stratagems to unlock quickly, at low level: The Anti-Tank Charge , since it has an extremely short cooldown (70 seconds) and allows you to shoot 2 very powerful anti-tank rockets. When you encounter armored enemies like the Loader, this allows you to call this weapon, quickly fire both projectiles to kill the monster, then pick up your Machine Gun from the ground.

Helldiverse 2
Helldiverse 2
  • The automatic turret is also a good choice, it allows you to secure an area and cover you while you flee, achieve an objective, or try to evacuate.
  • The Machine Gun and Precise Orbital Strike remain two excellent Stratagems, easy to use and versatile.

  • Don't hesitate to use your Stratagems as often as possible. It's worth storing weapons and supplies in the area, even if you don't need them right now.
Helldiverse 2

Primary, secondary and evacuation objectives

  • Helldivers 2 missions last around 40 minutes, which is way more than you need. The reason is that the game encourages you to explore points of interest on the map, and complete the many secondary objectives available. This requires exploring, spotting major buildings like the radar, and eliminating red zones indicating enemy bases.

Helldiverse 2
  • The secondary objectives give experience and credits, but it is especially the samples and medals that can be found nearby that are worth the detour. If you spot a column of golden light, a signal, you should open the capsule to collect an interesting reward.

  • Samples are used to upgrade your ship, giving you powerful passive bonuses. Premium samples can only be found in higher difficulty modes. You will have to take risks and above all manage to evacuate with your loot. It is therefore important to stay close to other players, and pick up samples from the ground, when someone dies.
Helldiverse 2

Miscellaneous tips

  • You are not forced to kill every enemy you come across, quite the contrary. It is better to take a small detour so as not to attract the attention of a group of enemies, and avoid sounding the alarm, which would trigger a call for reinforcements as a bonus.

  • The dive is far from worth a roll, but it remains your best survival tool when an enemy is in melee, or you are being charged. You can jump to get up, and then start running.

  • Contrary to what we see in the majority of games, reloading your weapon will throw away the remaining ammunition in the magazine. It's best to empty your magazine.

  • Trigger a massive bombardment of an enemy base, from a long distance, and a good way to initiate combat. Typing the scheme code into your bracelet while trying to flee is difficult.
  • Consider calling for reinforcements to bring your allies back to life. Do not throw the beacon in a dangerous place.

  • Grenades and healing are recharged upon returning to life. Don't hesitate to use everything when the situation is desperate.

  • Enemies have armored sections, which small arms cannot penetrate. An icon appears on the screen when your shots ricochet. You must either fire on a vulnerable section or use suitable weapons (rocket launchers, bombardment, etc.).

Helldiverse 2
  • Completing your daily personal goal by playing a little every day is a way to get lots of medals, without a lot of playing time.

  • Finally, probably the most important tip is this: if you're dying a lot during a mission, it's best to focus on the main objective and the escape. It's better to secure a win and a few samples, rather than lose everything. You can request evacuation even if your colleagues are still far away, be sure that they will soon join you.

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