Helldivers 2: 10 Tips to know to get started! For Beginners

 Discover all the best tips for starting Helldivers 2 in good conditions and making super Earth proud!

Helldivers 2: 10 tips to know to get started!

The top tips for getting started Helldivers 2

1/ Make the game more beautiful!

By default, Helldivers 2 has graphics settings that can clearly be improved and we show you how to do it in this dedicated guide .

2/ Make the most of your stratagems

The tutorial does a great job of explaining the importance of Stratagems to you throughout the game. But when you head out on your very first mission, you'll see just how essential they are. 

Whether it's restocking ammo, summoning specific weapons, or eliminating an army of insects, use your stratagems! Some have limited uses, but many are unlimited – so feel free to take them out. These will be part of your equipment before each mission, so you can swap them to test which ones you prefer.

3/ Aim for body parts of critters

Helldivers 2 features a system that allows you to shoot body parts of your enemies to slow them down or weaken them, or even reveal weak points, so don't hesitate to be precise.

4/ Avoid moving too much while aiming

The tutorial will cover this as well, explaining how your crosshair will move everywhere when you fire your weapon while moving. 

There's also friendly fire in the game , so the last thing you want to do is eliminate your fellow Helldivers. If you want to lock on to a target and be even more stable in your aim, try crouching .

5/ Conserve your ammunition

One of the game's counterintuitive yet realistic manipulations is that when you reload a non-empty magazine you lose what bullets you have left in the abandoned magazine. So be sure to empty your magazine before reloading your weapon.


6/ Change the firing mode of your weapon

It is possible in Helldivers 2 to modify the combat parameters of your weapon such as the firing mode or the aiming distance: once in a mission, press L3 to open the menu.

Helldivers 2: 10 tips to know to get started!

7/ Switch to first person by aiming

Like the options above, you can also adjust your weapon to switch to first person when aiming. To do this manually, press R3 while aiming your weapon.

8/ Use your minimap as much as possible

Your minimap is a tool that does not appear natively on your screen and for good reason, it is easy to forget it. However, we encourage you to use it as much as possible, because it has certain advantages such as seeing your points of interest and detecting the presence of enemies in the surrounding area.
Interestingly, it's possible to navigate it using the touch pad on your dualsense controller and ping a destination easily by pressing X.

Helldivers 2: 10 tips to know to get started!

9/ Armor types are important

No, armors are not just skins and have many statistics, namely:

  • Armor (damage reduction) 
  • Speed
  • and regains endurance

Prioritize the tankiest ones like medium or heavy with more armor so as not to get one shot in higher difficulty missions 

10/ Use the environment

Most enemies in the game can't follow you to higher ground, so take advantage of the terrain whenever the opportunity arises! Like obi-wan, take the highground!

More tips in the video from Born 2 Game our partner!

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