Best Helldivers 2 weapons: Which one to choose to succeed in your missions?

 Between the basic weapons, those of the medals, those which are Premium and those of the Stratagems, there is a choice in Helldivers II. Discover our selection of the best choice to make in each category in this guide while waiting for a Tier List of the best weapons to choose.

Helldiverse 2

Helldivers 2 doesn't offer talent trees or classes, which means your gear is pretty much the only thing capable of influencing your super patriot's abilities. This includes armor, Stratagems , and of course, weapons. It's still a little early to offer you a Tier List, however, we have made a selection of what we think are the best weapons to get you off to a good start in the game.

The results may sometimes surprise you, since many of them are available quickly and without having to go through the premium battle pass. Please note, however, that the weapons below will not shine in all situations. They each have situations in which they will be good, or bad.

Best Primary Weapons

SG-225 Crusher

By far the best shotgun in the game, for many reasons. Its damage is immense, as is its rate of fire. Its magazine is reasonable, and its range is more than adequate for a weapon of its kind. At close to medium range, you can slaughter a group of enemies. If you manage to position yourself in the right place, you can also deal immense damage to a large enemy. There are many variations of this weapon, including an incendiary, and another with twice the magazine size, but half the damage. They are generally considered inferior.

Helldiverse 2

AR-23 Liberator

It's a bit strange, but Helldivers' starting weapon is considered a good choice. It is a versatile weapon, suitable for the majority of combat situations. Of course, don't expect to kill armored enemies with this weapon, it's really only useful for taking on hordes of small enemies. There is a piercing version of this weapon, with slightly lower statistics in return. This can be an interesting choice if you face a lot of intermediate enemies.

Helldiverse 2

R-63 Diligence

Another basic weapon, but one with proven capabilities. This weapon is best illustrated when you face Automatons, rather than Terminides. Its long-range precision allows you to snipe robots from cover behind their turret or a shield for example. Since close-range encounters are much less prevalent against these enemies, this makes up for the loss of firepower.

Helldiverse 2

Best Secondary Weapon: P-19 Redeemer

Weapons in this category are not used often. Your main weapon must be unsuitable for the situation, it may be out of ammunition, or you may not have time to reload at all. Our choice fell on the Redeemer, an “Uzi” unlocked very quickly, once again. Its rate of fire is absurd, you can literally empty your magazine in an instant, but it's probably what you need when you need to call on your secondary weapon. You can turn a Gripper into a sieve in an instant, or a group of little critters into puree. It is also possible to fire small bursts to kill enemies individually, and this weapon is reloaded in an instant.

Helldiverse 2

Best grenades

Grenades can completely turn the tide if you use them well, but it's very easy to completely misfire or even kill yourself. We have selected two types that complement each other well.

G-16 Impact

This grenade deals heavy damage, over a wide area, with some added armor penetration, just like the basic grenade. The major difference is that it explodes on impact. This makes it a formidable weapon against groups of enemies chasing you. There's no need to calculate the time after pulling it, or the speed of enemies to know where to throw it. Of course, you should avoid throwing them too close to you, since you won't have time to move away. The only reason it's not considered the undisputed best choice is simple: it's woefully inadequate for blowing up insect tunnels or factories. Unless you aim perfectly, it will explode at the entrance without doing anything.

Helldiverse 2

G-12 High explosive

The basic grenade, we have already indirectly praised its merits above. Its main drawback is the time before the explosion, set at 3.5 seconds, which makes it difficult to use in an emergency. However, it is perfect for destroying tunnels.

Helldiverse 2

Best Stratagem Weapons

Finally, you can drop very powerful weapons via your stratagems. They tend to be more specialized, with a very specific role in combat. Unsurprisingly, you will find our favorite stratagems here too.

Electromagnetic rifle

If you're tired of Colossi, Tanks, Chargers and all those monstrosities, here's the ultimate weapon to eliminate them in just a few shots. The Railgun is an absolutely devastating weapon, and it has a large amount of ammunition, which allows it to be used in many situations. In return, you have to recharge it between each shot. You can also activate dangerous shooting mode in its options (by holding the button to reload), to gain even more power. On the other hand, if you charge the shot for too long, the overload will kill you. Unlike other weapons in this ranking, the Electromagnetic Rifle is not available before level 20.

Helldiverse 2

Automatic cannon

This weapon is a real killer of intermediate enemies, any ones that give you trouble due to their high health and light armor. She works miracles against the mothers of Terminid broods, and against Automatons in general. Its shots can also decimate groups of light enemies. It can fire at long range, with great precision and a large quantity of ammunition thanks to the integrated resupply backpack. This is obviously a problem if you want to use another backpack. This weapon also has the drawback of not being effective against giant armored enemies (Colossus, Charger, Tank), unless targeting a weak point.

Helldiverse 2

Machine Gun or Vigorous

Finally, we will list one more basic weapon. It's really good at slaughtering large quantities of small enemies, and it's even relatively effective against medium enemies. By lying down, you gain precision and it becomes possible to hold a position even against a horde of Terminides. The important thing is to combine it with weapons or stratagems that can handle armored targets. The Vigorous is a little less powerful and you have to pay Requisition to unlock it, but it is easier to handle and above all, easier to recharge in combat. Unlike the Machine Gun, you can do it on the move, which is still more practical when you have angry parasites on your heels.

Helldiverse 2
Helldiverse 2
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