AFK Arena Codes List - 2024 [February]


(updated) in February 2024

AFK Arena is a role playing game being released in 2019 for the players all over the world. It is based on the land of Esperia. There are a big range of playable characters in the game and they are divided into different factions.  Every hero has its own unique skills and abilities, you can pick any one of them to fight against the enemies.  You have to completely destroy your enemies which are heading towards Esperia. Fight against other players sitting in different parts of the world in PVP mode. The AFK Arena game is featured for free on the Apple app store and Google play store.

What are AFK Arena codes?

AFK Arena codes offer you gifts that you can later use in the game to your advantage. Now, who wouldn’t like that? But, you must be wondering how to gain these AFK Arena codes. Well, we are going to provide you with this month’s latest ones.

Lilith Games, the publisher of AFK Arena, gives out redeeem codes about every month.  It simply helps you to gain rewards that you trade in the game for various purposes.

Active AFK Arena Codes (Working):

Here are some of the currently Active AFK Arena codes that you can use in February 2024. These redemption codes are credible plus we have included the in-game rewards you stand to gain after you redeem the following codes:

  • - bj6xb8kehv – redeem for ten time emblems (new)
  • - at7i63zyga – redeem for ten stargazer scrolls, ten faction scrolls, and 60 soulstones (new)
  • - mystery2023 – redeem for mirror image
  • - special2023 – redeem for powers of reflection
  • - graveborn – redeem for graveborn sticker
  • - wilder – redeem for wilder sticker
  • - mauler – redeem for mauler sticker
  • - lightbearer – redeem for lightbearer sticker
  • - afk888 – redeem for 300 diamonds, 20k gold, and 100 hero’s essence
  • - misevj66yi – redeem for 60 rare hero soulstones, 500 diamonds, and five common hero scrolls

Expired AFK Arena Codes:

Here are some of the expired AFK Arena codes. Even though some of them have limited lifespans and expiration dates attached, players have witnessed that some of them still do function. You are welcome to try your luck with the following expired codes:

  • afknew2024: 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 3,000 Diamonds, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 10 Time Emblem
  • Don2024: Awakened Eugene Hero Chests, 20 Common Hero Scrolls
  • 9wf6pjg7td: Some festive gifts
  • AFK100: 40 Common Hero Scroll
  • afksummer2023: 3,000 Diamonds, 10 Hero Scrolls
  • HAPPY2023: 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 2,000 Diamonds, 10 Hero Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls
  • 8mjeki46pm: 1,000 Diamonds, Large Hero's Essence Chest, Large Gold Chest and Large Hero EXP Chest
  • AFKPUMPKIN: 20 Common Hero Scroll
  • 6cu3xfrmnd: 3,000 Diamonds and Chests for Gold, Hero EXP and Hero's Essence
  • 4nwf3w25hq: 1,000 Diamonds, 8 Hours of Hero EXP, 8 Hours of Gold, 8 Hours of Hero's Essence
  • SANSHUNEN: 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 2,000 Diamonds, 10 Hero Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls
  • 39acdh37nk: 1,200 Diamonds, 6 Hours of Hero EXP, 6 Hours of Gold, 6 Hours of Hero's Essence
  • 39i4qttfzt: 600 Diamonds, 6 Hours of Hero EXP, 6 Hours of Gold, 6 Hours of Hero's Essence
  • 39judaxj5p: 600 Diamonds, 6 Hours of Hero EXP, 6 Hours of Gold, 6 Hours of Hero's Essence
  • Brutus2022: 300 Diamonds, 300k Gold
  • 2yqs9jk2qw: 60 Soulstones, 6 Hours of Hero EXP, 6 Hours of Gold, 6 Hours of Hero's Essence
  • AFKRE0: 1K Diamonds, 3 Large Hero EXP Chests,3 Large Gold Chests, 3 Large Hero's Essence Chests

  • LUCKY2023: 10 Time Emblem, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 3K Diamonds, 10 Stargazer Scrolls
  • tqa9c5g35y: 600 Diamonds, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • CHUKAHAE333: 2K Diamonds, 10 Faction Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 10 Stargazer Scrolls
  • tq8agz7wyv: 1K Diamonds, 3 Hero's Essence Chests, 3 Large Gold Chests, 3 Large Hero EXP Chests
  • Don2023: 20 Common Hero Scrolls and 1 Hero Choice Chest
  • RYX8UE2ZHU: 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 60 Soulstones, 10 Faction Scrolls
  • rynfzjk85y: 5 Large Hero EXP Chests (8 hours), 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 5 Large Gold Chests (8 hours), 5 Large Hero's Essence Chest
  • talene2022: 300 Diamonds, 300k Gold
  • HAPPY333: 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls, and 2,000 Diamonds
  • qrjfxjzicw: Free Rewards
  • qgk6h85pbd: 3 Hero's Essence Chest L (8 Hours), 3 Large Crates of Gold (8 Hours), 3 Large Crates of Hero EXP (8 Hours), 1,000 Diamonds
  • pepmjfpuhs: 5 Hero's Essence Chests L (8 Hours), 5 Large Crates of Gold (8 Hours), 5 Large Crates of Hero's EXP (8 Hours), 3000 Diamonds
  • ntbdc2j4yj: 5 Large Crates of Hero XP (8 hours), 10 Common Hero ScrollS, 5 Large Crates of Gold (8 hours), 5 Hero's Essence Chests (8 hours)
  • meeyzuxw87: Free Rewards
  • thewitcher3: Free Rewards
  • NISHUNEN: Free Rewards

  • kayd7grgvi: Free Rewards
  • iybkiwausg: 500 Diamonds
  • k9k8wjc438: Free Rewards
  • jrz8r5xe5c: Free Rewards
  • j54umuazyy: Free Rewards
  • zq9vrhx83e: Free Rewards
  • zbyfikwsit: Free Rewards
  • i43a5pk3jw: 600 Diamonds, 60 Elite Hero Soulstones and a Large Crate of Gold (8 hours)
  • i4hhzxxvj7: Large Crate of Hero (8 hours), 60 Elite Hero Soulstones, 120 Rare Hero Soulstones, Large Hero's Essence Chest (8 hours)
  • i4musq8dr6: 1,000 Diamonds and 10 Common Hero Scrolls
  • jinsuo666: 500 Diamonds, Large Crate of Hero EXP (8 hours), Large Crate of Gold (8 hours), Large Hero's Essence Chest (8 hours)
  • lorddreaf: 3,000 Diamonds, 10 Stargazer Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls and 10 Time Emblems
  • ithg8qup87: 10 Time Emblems

  • j5mjxtdpia: 60 Elite Hero Soulstones, 300 Hero's Essence.
  • zq6apizmr6: 300 Diamonds, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • AFKDLWNSUS: 300 Diamonds, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • yazyax56rz: 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • y9khdntp3v: 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 1000k Gold
  • happy2022: 50 Faction Scrolls
  • y9ijrcnfsw: 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 90 Elite Hero Soulstones, Large Crate of Gold, Large Crate of Hero’s Essence, Large Crate of Hero XP
  • y9ntv77jvf: 1000 Hero’s Essence, 120 Rare Hero Soulstones, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • wfmh5n68wt: 200 Diamonds and 200,000 Gold
  • 1fanfengshun: 188 Diamonds and 188 Gold
  • 228j636fs9: 1,000 Diamonds
  • 26dnuiw8s4: 1,000 Diamonds and 10 Faction Scrolls
  • 2gq55jii87: 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • 2longtengfei: 188 Diamonds and 188 Hero Experience

  • 4rytg4u2q6: 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Shards
  • 576w235suw: 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Shards
  • 65tdenbmtw: 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • 6u226crhtp: 300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • 6wgh9ung66: 1,000 Diamond
  • afklaunch: 60 Elite Hero Shards
  • BestRPG4BusyU: 500,000 Gold and 500 Diamonds
  • happybday0409: 500 Diamonds, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, and five Chest of Wishes
  • liuyan888: 100,000 Gold and 888 Diamonds
  • persona5 - 500 Hero’s Essence, 500 Diamonds, and 500,000 Gold
  • pqgeimc6da: 30 Elite Hero Shards and Gold
  • tt9wazfsbp: 1,000 Diamonds
  • tvb5zkyt47: 1,000 Diamonds
  • u9rfs27rd9: 1,000 Diamonds

  • ufxsqraif5: 1,000 Diamonds
  • u3gpi6heu6: 1,000 Diamonds
  • vdgf3ak6fc: 1,000 Diamonds
  • uffqqmgtxd: 1,000 Diamonds
  • vm894xsucf: 1,000 Diamonds
  • AFKelijah: 100,000 Gold, 500 Hero’s Essence, 500 Diamonds
  • ayqcttC36x: 200 Diamonds and 200,000 Gold
  • happy2021: 30 Faction Scrolls
  • liuyan233: 50,000 Gold and 3 Common Hero Scrolls

How To Redeem AFK Arena Codes?

The process to redeem has recently been renewed and simplified by the publishers of the AFK Arena game, Lilith Games. To redeem, you need to follow these listed below simple steps accordingly:

  • Visit the AFK Arena games official website.
  • Locate the tab ‘Redeem Code’ on the top and press. Alternatively, you can visit this link to enter the Redeem code web page. 
  • Fill out your UID and send a verification code to log in.
  • For your UID, you will see an Avatar on the top-left corner. Press on the same and your UID will show up. It is generally a set of numbers (9-digit) that you will see on the top right corner of the web page. 
  • You will get your Verification code on the AFK Arena app’s in-game mailbox. It is only active for 2 minutes. 
  • Log in to the AFK Arena game by filling out this information in the blank spaces for UID and Verification code.
  • After you have logged in, the AFK Arena game will be opened.

For the verification code, you will need to remember to follow these specific steps:

  • Look towards the top right-hand corner. Select the Arrow Button situated right below the Quests option.
  • Drag to the Mail button and press. You will receive a verification code. 
  • Enter the verification code, and you are logged in. 

To redeem the AFK Arena Code, perform these steps:

  • Locate the box that says “Enter Gift Code.”
  • Copy and paste on the currently active AFK Arena Redemption Codes first. Later you can also try your luck with the expired ones. 
  • Press on the ‘Redeem’ button, and the rewards will be sent to your UID. You can check the rewards in your in-game mailbox.

What Can You Earn From An AFK Arena Code?

Each AFK Arena redemption code has a different award attached to it. Some of the most common in-game rewards that you can earn from one AFK Arena code are:

  • Diamonds
  • Gold
  • Rare & Elite Hero Soulstones

Other unique in-game rewards of AFK Arena codes include:

  • Hero’s scrolls and Essence
  • Specific Hero on Special holidays
  • Chest of Wishes
  • Labyrinth Tokens
  • Stargazing Cards
  •  Faction Scrolls

There may be other additional rewards that you may earn from AFK Arena codes. Additional rewards are included in some updates. So keep your eye open for redemption codes and put them to good use.

How to Get More AFK Arena Redemption Codes?

You will get more AFK Arena codes if you are constantly on the lookout for them. Check and follow the social media channels of AFK Arena and Lilith Games, the publisher of AFK Arena. 

Based on an informed guess, you may choose to follow AFK Arena’s Twitter account. Most information regarding updates and new codes is first released through their Twitter account. 

You can also follow the AFK Arena subreddit. Look through the comments, and you can easily spot players of AFK Arena posting Redemption codes regularly. 

The most popular way of getting to know more about AFK Arena codes is through the official Discord server of the game. Join the server where you can know more about the game itself. 

Also, keep in mind that Lilith Games do not follow a fixed schedule to release new codes. They are usually released along with regular updates and around special events or holidays. Keep track of popular holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese New Year.  Lilith Games also releases to celebrate collaborations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do AFK Arena Codes Expire?

Some codes are said to have a lifespan and expire when they reach their end date. The most common lifespan of the AFK Arena Redemption code is two to three weeks. 

Others do not have any expiration date. Those which have a longer lifespan are usually released around special events.

So you need to look out for them and use them to their good advantage. Although some AFK Arena codes come with expiration dates, they do tend to be of use even afterward. 

How Often Are These Released?

Lilith Games, publisher of AFK Arena, issues new AFK Arena codes every month and on special events and they usually come along with updates too. 

What’s the quality of these codes?

The quality of these codes is safe and reliable. You can redeem these redemption codes with the least amount of worry and gain in-game rewards whenever you like. 

These guidelines regarding AFK Arena codes will come of good use if you remember while playing the game. Be aware of scams that seek to ask for your information in exchange for AFK Arena codes. Do not trust any AFK Arena code generator on the web. These are only released by Lilith Games through their official channels first.

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