20 Couples Who Perfectly Show What True Love Looks Like

True love can withstand the test of time, and the couples below have certainly passed with flying colors. In life, love seems to happen when we least expect it, but maintaining that feeling for years on end isn’t easy. Sometimes, it takes sheer willpower to stay with the one you love (because part of love means putting up with all those “quirks” you once found endearing but now can’t stand). You have to fight to keep that feeling alive and put in effort every single day.

Of course, for the right one, all the effort will be worth it. We hope you find as much inspiration from these couples as we did!

Here are 20 couples who show what true love looks like:

1. 32 years have passed and they still look at each other the same way.

My parents at their wedding in 1982 and at my sister’s wedding last June from PastAndPresentPics

2. 71 Valentine’s Days spent together definitely points to true love.

Auschwitz survivor, 92, and the Scottish soldier, 96, who saved her as she was being marched to her DEATH celebrate their 71st Valentine’s Day together.

3. From the dance floor in 6th grade to their wedding day, this couple kept the love alive.

Love is crazy.

4. 70 years later and still smiling!

Old couple in 1944 and 2014

5. This is what 70 years of celebrating true love together looks like.

Recreated to celebrate my Grandparent’s 70th Anniversary

6. From 6th to 12th grade, this couple never left each other’s side.

6th – 12th Grade from aww

7. 8 years of bliss.

Eight years later.

8. 77 years together, showing that it’s definitely true love!

Congratulations to my grandparents on their 77th wedding anniversary from pics

9. This is what love looks like – smiles all around.

My grandma and grandpa on their wedding day, and one of the last pictures of them together before she died from pics

10. The world might keep spinning, but with your true love by your side, nothing seems impossible.


11. 30 years later and they’re still celebrating life together. On a side note, the woman doesn’t look like she’s aged one bit!

Not your traditional /r/aww but here’s my parents celebrating in 1983 and in 2013. I love them from aww

12. They’ve still got it even after 50 years together.

My grandparents: 50 years apart, still absolutely smitten with each other. from OldSchoolCool

13. If you still love the one you’re with after 75 years, it’s a pretty blessed life indeed.

My grandparents just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary!

14. When you’re still in love at 90, you know it’s been a good life.

Today we celebrated my grandparents wedding anniversary. 90 years old, still in love, and married for over 60 years. from pics

15. 14 years together and still enjoying the beach life as a couple.

16. Celebrating 61 years of true love together. Awww!

61 years together

17. True love doesn’t follow the rules of life; it can happen at any age and any time. When you know, you know.

Both 81 and widowed, my friends grandmother just married her prom date after starting to speak again 64 years later from pics

18. 62 years later and these two haven’t forgotten their vows. Simply beautiful!

My Nana and Papaw, in 1951 when they eloped, and today, 62 years later. Still beautifully and irrevocably in love! from pics

19. The couple who has a skincare routine together, stays together.


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20. There’s nothing like the magical day when you get to marry your true love.


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True love is rare, but when you find it, your whole world turns upside down (or is it right side up?). You start to look at life differently – everything seems to fall into place and you feel whole for the first time. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, don’t give up hope. Oftentimes, we stumble upon true love when we’re focused on everything but finding a partner.

If you have found your one true love, please share with us in the comments! Tell us how you met your special someone and how long you’ve been together!

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