140 Rockabilly Hair Ideas: Inspired from the 50’s!

Rockabilly hair may have started out as a US trend in the distant 1950’s but it has since become hugely popular all around the globe. As it is very specific and requires some additional preparation, it can seem quite challenging to achieve at home. This shouldn’t put you off, however – indeed, it will probably take a bit of research (and maybe one or two failed attempts), but the end result will definitely be worth it! Moreover, you don’t need to have your hair cut in any particular way – the rockabilly style looks great with any length. This article will give you some awesome suggestions for every hair type, so read on!

Solid, garish colors are essential for rockabilly hair. Traditionally, the most popular options were black, platinum blonde and various shades of red. Nowadays, different variations of pink, blue and purple are often used too. As for the accessories, there is a lot to choose from – big bows, artificial flowers, wide hairbands, as well as polka-dotted and stripped headscarves – they are all indispensable in creating truly authentic rockabilly hair.

One of the instantly recognizable features of the hairstyle is the short, roundish bangs known as “Bettie (Betty) Bangs.” Not to worry though – this look doesn’t necessarily require you to make drastic changes to your hair. There are some clever ways to create faux Bettie Bangs in just a few easy steps. Victory rolls and big lush retro waves, trade-mark of pin-up hairstyles, are also often applied to rockabilly hair.

Lots of celebrities have sported their own unique rockabilly hair variations. Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and, of course, the burlesque dancer Dita von Teese, are great examples of Rockabellas (female rockabillies) on top of their game. Scroll further to see some of their most memorable looks, plus a variety of images and ideas that will inspire you to create your own vintage hair look!

Here is an excellent step by step video that will help you create an authentic rockabilly hairstyle:

How do you get started? We have a quick and easy suggestion. First, prepare your hair by spraying it with light hold hairspray. Next, take the bangs section and curl the hair horizontally with a large barrel curling iron. Backcomb the underside, then roll the ends under to create a roll from your bangs. Brush the remaining hair until it’s smooth (you can also use straighteners) and tie in a high ponytail. Take the ponytail and wrap it around to create a bun. If your hair is not very thick you may want to use a hair donut. Secure the base of the bun with pins and once again spray with light hold hairspray. Add a colorful bandanna or some flower ornaments to complete the look.

Rockabilly hair looks amazing on all face shapes and is a great way to achieve a cute, whimsical and classically feminine look

Backcombing and fixing with lots of hairspray is an absolute must

rockabilly hair, surprised looking blonde woman with green eyes, retro hairstyle with red bandanna with white polka dots, red lipstick and eye liner

We love the contrast between this rockabella’s black locks and her bright yellow bandanna

rockabilly hair, close up of young woman in heavy retro make up, bright red lipstick and big fake eyelashes, bold black eye liner and mascara, blush deep red and white nail polish, black shiny hair tied in yellow bandanna

Big lashes and bright red lipstick perfectly compliment hairstyles inspired by the 50’s

rockabilly hair, pale girl with dark hair done in retro victory rolls, with red lipstick and nail polish, big fake eyelashes with mascara and eye liner, yellow top with black stripes

Flower ornaments are always a popular choice…

rockabilly hair, woman with very pale skin and heavy make up, bright red lipstick bold black eyeliner and mascara, dyed eyebrows and black hair with victory rolls and a fake red rose

…as are animal prints and make up in bold colors

rockabilly hair, smiling woman with black hair, victory roll curled bangs and an animal print bandanna, heavy makeup featuring very bold eyeliner and bright red lipstick

Another eye catching flower tucked behind the ear

vintage hairstyles, close up of woman with heavy 1950's inspired make up, penciled eyebrows and fake red rose behind ear

Stand out from the crowd with this 1950’s inspired makeup

vintage hairstyles, young woman with retro 1950's hairstyle and colorful fake flower hair ornament, pearl earring and heavy make up

Long hair looks great in 1950’s style too – just look at these lush curls

vintage hairstyles, long smooth brown hair with big lush curls and victory rolls, young woman with heavy eye make up, wearing a top in nude color

A more subtle and modern variation

vintage hairstyles, young brunette woman with long dark brown hair, nude lipstick blush and heavy eye makeup, long neck and nude shoulders

Accessories, accessories and more accessories! ?

vintage hairstyles, brunette woman with retro 1950's hairstyle, curls and victory rolls, a hair ornament with grape bunch detail, dark green dress with white buttons

Ponytails combined with curled bangs are eye-catching and easy to make

vintage hairstyles, woman with copper ginger hair, ponytail and curled bangs, wearing a purple-maroon dress, leaning on wall with closed eyes

Short curly hair with gorgeous retro waves

pinup hair, smiling woman with white teeth and red lipstick, wearing red retro dress with white polka dots, white collar and bow and puffy short sleeves, short blonde hair with retro curls

Enjoy a small selection of black and white images dating from, and inspired by, the 1940’s and 50’s

pinup hair, vintage black and white photo of woman with light hair and victory rolls, dark lipstick and big fake eyelashes, palm-tree printed top

pinup hair, woman with short black hair tied with bandanna and rolled bangs, leaning on vintage car, many tattoos on arms and body

pinup hair, black and white photo of woman in profile facing upwards, light curled hair with big fake white flower, bold eyeliner and lipstick, nude shoulders and black background

pinup hair, woman with light blonde hair and victory rolls, arched eyebrows heavy make up and dark shiny lipstick, holding a retro microphone

A contemporary reinterpretation of a timeless classic

pinup hair, pale woman with light blonde hair, one victory roll and slight curl, red lipstick and eyeliner, wearing pale coral red top

Add a splash of pink for a playful and whimsical look

pin up hairstyles, smiling woman sitting in red retro car, black tank top and skirt with white polka dots, faux red flower and pearl necklace, platinum blonde hair in 1950's style with pink dye

Brilliant combination of bandanna and lipstick in matching colors

pin up hairstyles, close up of woman in profile, blond hair with curls tied with a red bandanna, red lipstick eyeliner and fake lashes, navy sweater and light background

Big red hair bow with white polka dots

pin up hairstyles, brunette woman in profile with rolled up bangs and a wavy ponytail, wearing a black sleeveless dress with strawberry pattern, red hair bow with white polka dots

Use a wide, bold polka-dotted head scarf for an instant vintage look!

pin up hairstyles, copper red or ginger haired woman, hair tied in curly ponytail, eyeliner and red lipstick, wearing a fluffy cardigan and looking down

Don’t be afraid to experiment – the more extravagant a rockabilly hairstyle is – the better!

pin up hairstyles, close up of woman with retro side ponytail, two bright red bows and red lipstick, blue eyes fake eyelashes and a black scarf

pin up hairstyles, woman with three victory rolls and curly hair, heavy make up with blush, red lipstick and bold eyeliner, wearing black strapless dress with small polka dots and red details

Makeup is an essential part of the Rockabella look! ?

rockabilly hairstyles, platinum blonde woman with victory rolls and curls, wearing heavy make up and bright red lipstick, holding a compact mirror and a brush to her cheek

How about a glamorous updo? 

rockabilly hairstyles, close up of a woman with ginger hair in fancy retro 1950's undo, red top with bow, red lipstick fake lashes and eyeliner

rockabilly hairstyles, woman with long light blue hair victory rolls and curls, wearing decorative glasses with rhinestone studded frames, mustache finger tattoo

Platinum blonde is one of the most favored Rockabilly colors…

rockabilly hairstyles, pale woman with platinum retro hair, dramatic eye make up and red lipstick, close up with shadows on body and face

…second only to red, which looks great in any shade and length!

rockabilly hairstyles, red-haired woman with hair done up, dark red lipstick blush and eye makeup, red dress with metal detail, holding vintage microphone

Effortless retro look with a modern twist

rockabilly hairstyles, serious-looking woman with long black bangs, hair tied with white and black bandanna, big white earrings and bright red lipstick, water and trees in background

There are so many cool and extravagant hair accessories to choose from! You could go for a goth-inspired look…

pinup style, goth-influenced platinum blonde woman with black top, white skeleton hands print, vampira necklace and badge, dark red lipstick and black eye make up, victory roll with skeleton ornament

…or choose a more soft, romantic style:

pinup style, blonde woman with fake white flower in hair, heavy make up bright red lipstick, dark black eye makeup with mascara an eyeliner, black top and red nail polish, holding a pink telephone receiver

Red lipstick adds a classy, stylish touch

pinup style, close up of red-haired woman with freckles, hairdo with victory rolls and fake red flower, bright red lipstick and fake eyelashes, eyeliner and mascara, ruffled chequered shirt

Simple and easy to make hairstyle, with a hint of Rockabilly aesthetic

pinup style, ailing woman with dark brown hair and bangs curled up, shiny lipstick and green eyes, white teeth and background

Two striking, avant-garde interpretations:

pinup style, close up of woman with avant-garde make up and hair, bold black eyeliner and fake eyelashes with mascara, nude-colored lipstick, big curled bangs and small curly pony tail

pinup style, woman with unusual curly updo, smokey eye make up, extremely long eyelashes with with drop decorations, pink shiny lipstick and black nail polish, closed eyes

pin up girl hairstyles, girl with long blonde bangs curled at the end, wearing black bandanna with red and yellow heart print, black tank top, bright red lipstick and eye makeup

A stylish, aristocratic look

pin up girl hairstyles, retro 1920's short wavy hairstyle, worn by pale platinum blonde woman, with heavy eye make up red blush and lipstick, white paisley lace top

pin up girl hairstyles, two images of a women with retro hairstyles, brown long hair with victory rolls, auburn hair with retro waves, blue striped top, yellow polka-dotted top

pin up girl hairstyles, woman with black eyes, strong red lipstick and a beauty spot, platinum hair gathered in a red hair net with a bow, curly bangs and white teeth

pin up girl hairstyles, smiling copper red-haired woman, with retro-styled hair in a bun and side bangs, wearing black bandanna and a retro dress, red lipstick big white teeth

pin up girl hairstyles, smiling woman looking backwards, hand on shoulder, wearing blue off-shoulder dress with white flowers, hair with retro curls and curled up bangs

smiling woman with white teeth and red lipstick, blonde retro hairstyle with victory rolls and a red hair bow with small white polka dots, black sleeveless top

A splash of red will add a unique touch to your retro-inspired hairstyle

woman with victory rolls and curly blonde hair with red streaks, red lipstick and white teeth, blue eyes fake eyelashes mascara and eyeliner, nude shoulders looking out from a car window

Dita von Teese is the most famous contemporary Rockabella for a reason!

pinned up hairstyles for long hair, dita von teese, black long hair with rolled back bangs, red lipstick blush eyeliner fake lashes and mascara, black top with one strap

pinned up hairstyles for long hair, dita von teese, black hair with bettie bangs, red lipstick and white teeth, mascara eyeliner and a beauty spot, nude shoulders and a shiny dress with ruffles

serious-looking woman with blonde hair with retro victory curls, pearl earrings and a red strapless top, red lipstick fake eyelashes and eyeliner

betty bangs, copper red-haired woman with hair ornament and retro curls, red and white striped top and red pencil skirt, high-heeled shoes

smiling woman with blue eyes and a retro hairstyle, bangs and a red bandanna, wearing a white and black striped top, black eyeliner and mascara yellow filter

close up of a blonde woman, with fake eyelashes and black eyeliner, big white teeth and red lipstick,1950's style shoulder-length hair, two red fake flowers, pearl necklace and hands near face

blonde woman close up, retro hairstyle with big striped hair bow, bright red lipstick and black mascara, camel-colored top and black background

pinned up hairstyles for long hair, platinum blonde young woman with heavy make up and flesh earrings, three fake flowers in hair, black and white pony t-shirt

surprised-looking woman in close up, dark hair with retro styled bangs, fake lashes and black eyeliner, red lipstick and a beauty spot, pale pink shirt and blue background

pinned up hairstyles for long hair, woman wearing a blue top with white polka dots, brown hair with retro twist and a fake red flower, fake eyelashes mascara eyeliner and red lipstick

very pale woman in heavy make up, fake lashes bright red lipstick, mascara and black eyeliner, dark shoert wavy 1920's style hair, leaning on a black pillar, white sleeveless top

betty bangs, smiling black-haired woman seen from above, blue and white striped bandanna with red flowers, curled bangs, wearing red top and lipstick, fake eyelashes and mascara, big black earrings and tattoos on arm

betty bangs, woman with short black hair styled in an updo, animal print bow with skull detail, red lipstick fake lashes big white teeth

woman with 1940's updo, make up and closed eyes, mascara eye shadow dark red lipstick, black dress with large shiny buttons, big peach colored collar

happy smiling woman with short platinum hair, styled with victory rolls, dark smoky eye make up, pale nude lipstick, white dress with white mesh details and flower broach

platinum blonde woman with short hair in 1940's style, pale nude lipstick and heavy eye make up, with black eyeliner and mascara, black and white top and grey eyes

pinned up hairstyles for long hair, woman with victory rolls and long wavy dark hair, black eyes red lipstick and brown eye shadow with fake eyelashes and mascara, tartan top with ruffles and a key pendant

woman dressed and made up in rockabilly style, dark mid-length hair with curls, side bangs and victory rolls, bright red lipstick tattoos and chequered dress with cherry print

ginger-haired woman with 1940's styled short hair with curls, red lipstick and top, beauty spot fake lashes and mascara in close up

heavily made up pale woman, bold black eyeliner and penciled eyebrows, blush and deep orange lipstick, black and white top with nude shoulders

woman looking backwards over shoulder, retro hairstyle with curled bangs, red bandanna with white and black details, wearing black earring, eyeliner fake lashes and lipstick

young woman with retro brown hair, side bangs and white bandanna with black polka dots, wearing pale coral pink top and lipstick

betty bangs, smiling woman with white teeth and bright red lipstick, shoulder-length wavy hair and a fake red rose ornament, white top with black polka dots

blonde woman with gelled up retro hair, dark sunglasses with metal studs, orange lipstick and a grey top, white background

five images of a woman, with ginger hair styled in retro updo with curls, pale lilac colored dress with ruffles and pleats, holding bouquet and seen from different angles

blonde woman with vintage swirly updo, and white hair ornament, wearing white top red lipstick and black eye make up, sitting on chair and seen from above

pinned up hairstyles for long hair, east asian woman with long black hair and curled bangs, black eyes with fake eyelashes mascara and eyeliner, beauty spot and nude-colored lipstick, white cardigan and a striped top

bettie bangs, blonde woman with curled bangs and long hair in ponytail, red lipstick and heavy eye make up, pearl necklace and black top with white polka dots

close up of happy smiling woman, open month white teeth and red lipstick, black eyes fake lashes eyeliner and mascara, dyed blonde hair red bandanna with white polka dots

pouting blonde woman with blonde hair, styled in victory rolls with black hair bow, curly hair bun dyed in red, heavy make up with big fake lashes and black eyeliner

bettie bangs, pink-haired-woman with mid-length hair in retro style, heavy make up with red lipstick and dark eye shadow, black top with white bird pattern

betty bangs, pale woman with heavy make up and dark retro-styled shoulder-length hair, red lipstick fake lashes light shirt

woman with dark red lipstick and heavy eye makeup, fake lashes eyeliner mascara, sheer white top and white cardigan underneath, pearl earrings and brown hair in retro updo

close up of woman with brown 1940's pinup hair, victory rolls and curls, red lipstick white teeth, eyeliner and fake lashes, mascara and a beauty spot, bare shoulders

A more conservative 1950’s’ inspired look

brunette woman in white dress with puffy sleeves, conservative updo in 1950's' style, natural looking make-up and orange lipstick

blue-haired pale girl with dark red lipstick and heavy eye make up, fake lashes eyeliner mascara penciled eyebrows, tattoo on arm and white top

woman with retro updo, brunette hair with brown fake rose ornament and dark feathers, close up in profile, nude shoulders and an amber necklace, heavy eye make up

There are so many creative Rockabilly looks you can try!

red-haired woman, with unusual curled bangs and a hair bun, wearing black eyeliner and fake lashes, dyed eyebrows and lipstick

back view of red hair tied up in a hair bun made of curls, striped red and white hair band with bow, big white flower and earrings, striped red and white top

dark-haired woman with hair styled up in victory rolls, dark eye make up with eyeliner and mascara, peach-colored chiffon top, bright red lipstick and blush

close up of blonde woman with retro styled hair, blue eyes with mascara and eyeliner, red lipstick and blue top with black stripes

Messy can be cute!

smiling woman with deep red lipstick and messy curly hair, retro curled bangs, eye make up and a white top with black polka dots

betty bangs, step by step 1950's hair tutorial with 14 images, brunette woman with curling irons, styling her bangs and fixing it with hairspray, pale pink scarf tied around hair in a bow

smiling woman with retro auburn hair, with curls and victory rolls, big white hair ornament and green 1950's dress, seen from four different angles

betty bangs, woman with long platinum blonde hair, victory rolls curls and bangs, nude shoulders a nose ring and green stud earrings, red lipstick fake lashes mascara

elaborately made up woman, with bright red lipstick, bold black mascara and blush, dark hair with three fake red and pink flowers, white and red nail polish

two images of woman with rockabilly hairstyles, pink and yellow bandannas, red and blue plaid shirt, tattoos and heavy make up

red-haired woman with curly hair, tied up with green scarf, big green earrings and necklace, heavy make up coral pink top and nail polish

close up of woman with bright red hair, curled in retro style, bright red lipstick and heavy eye make up, big arched eyebrows and a yellow top

pale woman with red lipstick and retro sunglasses, wearing black top and colorful bandanna, curled blonde bangs and filter

bettie bangs, woman seen from above, with black hair and curled bangs, wearing red bandanna with white and black details, red lipstick mascara and eyeliner, black and white plaid shirt

two images of women with brunette retro hair, side bangs and curls, black top and grey and black strapless dress, red lipstick and blush

blonde woman seen from above, wearing heavy mascara and fake lashes, curled shoulder-length hair and victory rolls, white top and dark filter

close up of a woman with dyed light blonde hair, retro curls and side swept bangs, with big fake rose and deep red shiny lipstick, fake eyelashes black eyeliner and mascara, bare shoulders

Katy Perry rocking the Rockabilly style

close up of katy perry, short curly retro styled hair, big fake lashes mascara and bold black eyeliner, vibrant red lipstick, blue eyes lip-shaped stud earrings

olive-skinned woman with brown eyes, platinum blonde and pink hair, victory rolls and curls, deep pink lipstick and heavy make up

red-haired woman in profile, bettie bangs and ponytail, fake white flower ornaments, heavy make up fake lashes blush, striped strapless top

close up of woman in car with heavy make up, fake lashes mascara and vibrant lipstick, dyed blonde hair with victory roll, red bandanna and black top

More 1950’s inspired suggestions:

dark-haired woman wearing black bandanna with white polka dots, eyeliner mascara and blush, penciled eyebrows and red lipstick, red blazer with black details

blonde woman leaning on white chair, hair styled in three victory rolls with two fake pink tropical flowers, wearing a two piece suit in white and blue

brunette woman with closed eyes, wearing eyeliner and red lipstick, retro updo hairstyle, yellow and white striped top

three woman with black, brunette and blonde hair, 1940's hairstyles victory rolls curls, black eyeliner mascara red lipstick, vintage clothes and accessories

bettie bangs, pouting red-haired woman with long retro hairstyle, curls victory rolls and a big fake red flower, wearing white summer dress and heavy make up

close up of a filtered image of a woman, red hair and bold black eyeliner, pink lipstick beauty spot and blush, black top

dark-haired smiling woman, deep red lipstick and fake lashes, mascara eyeliner and penciled eyebrows, black earring and black top, nose ring and vintage hairstyle

bettie bangs, ginger-haired woman with blue eyes and bold black eyeliner, vivid red lipstick and nail polish, red bandanna with white and black details, leaning on hands

black and white image of a blonde woman, retro curls and heavy make up, eyeliner and lipstick, mascara and fake eyelashes

And here are some make-up ideas which will compliment your Rockabilly hairstyle

woman with bright red lipstick and bold black eyeliner, closed eyes and face tilted upwards, wearing a black tank top, and retro updo with victory roll

bettie bangs, sideways photo of woman with burgundy hair and bangs, black eyeliner and dark hot pink lipstick, wearing black leather jacket and black bandanna with white skull pattern

young woman with pinup make up, red lipstick fake lashes and eyeliner, hair tied back with red and white bandanna, wearing white tank top with black writing

six images of a green eye, putting a thick layer of black eyeliner step by step, pale skin and fake lashes

brunette woman with bold red lipstick, black eyeliner and fake lashes, curly hair and blue eyes, white lacy top

There are a lot of awesome Rockabilly styles for men, too!

close up of serious-looking man with orange tan, gelled up dark hair, white earring and shirt collar, grey cardigan and white background

black and white image of young man wearing dark sunglasses, gelled up messy hair, dark blazer over white shirt, black necktie with light pin

serious-looking young man in profile, parted and gelled up short hair, wearing coat with big fluffy collar and black leather straps

black and white photo of young sean connery, black blazer and white shirt, striped tie and gelled up hair, grey background

man in profile with stubble on chin, parted hair with shiny gelled up bangs, pin striped shirt and dark formal vest, dark tie with pin, black and white

young man with gelled up parted hair, holding cigarette to his mouth, black leather jacket and tattoos, dark top and pendant

black and white image of young man in profile, leather jacket with studs and tassels, short hair with long gelled up bangs, shadows on face

close up of a man with stubbly chin, dark hair with gelled up bangs, white shirt collar and dark blazer, white background, black and white photo

serious-looking young man with short hair and gelled up bangs, in profile with stubbly chin, pinstriped shirt and formal vest, black and white photo

black and white photo of three young men, grey jacket and folded arms, black leather jacket and gelled up retro hair, motorcycle and dark hair

A suave contemporary look with a vintage twist

conservative-looking man with black gelled up hair, glasses white shirt collar and dark blazer, slight mustache and beard

Elvis Presley: The King of Rock’n Roll was a big fan of the Rockabilly hairstyle

vintage black and white photo of elvis presley, light blazer and shirt with big collar, gelled up wavy hair, holding acoustic guitar with fingers on strings

painting of elvis presley, with shiny dark gelled up hair, blue eyes and a red black and grey striped short sleeved shirt, green background

colorized photo of elvis presley, leaning on striped surface, with arms behind head, shiny black wavy gelled up hair, chunky green cable knit turtle neck sweater

pencil drawing of elvis presley, black shiny gelled up hair, shirt with big collar, white background

black and white photo of elvis, smiling with white teeth, zig-zag striped short-sleeved shirt, dark background

color photo of elvis presley, gelled up shiny dark hair, black top and yellow background, close up with shadows on face

colorized photo of elvis presley leaning on white chair, dark gelled up hair, red grey and black striped short sleeved shirt, chain bracelet ring and wrist watch

black and white photo of elvis presley, pale blazer and shirt, wavy messy gelled up hair, holding acoustic guitar, playing and singing

older elvis presley in colorized photo, shiny black gelled up hair, white shirt and shiny red tie, blue eyes and grey background

grey scale photo of young elvis presley, gelled up shiny black hair, smiling or singing, chequered shirt with pockets and small narrow black scarf tied around neck

photoshopped image of elvis presley, striped shot sleeved shirt, many tattoos on arms, gelled up shiny hair, beach sea and palms in background

close up of older elvis presley, black gelled up hair, red shirt and background and blue eyes, colorized vintage photo

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